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"Intrarea Maicii Domnului în Biserică" Church, Vioreşti, Slătioara, Vâlcea county
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Vedere de ansamblu (2005)
Zone extragere frescă (2005)
General view (2005) Areas of frfesco extraction (2005)
The orthodox church „Intrarea în Biserică a Maicii Domnului” from Vioreşti is one of the historic monuments in Vâlcea county, belonging to the parish of Goruneşti, Slătioara commune.

The church is located in the Western part of Vâlcea county, at 45º05’24” North and 23º53’24” East. For reaching Vioreşti, which is one of the small villages of Slătioara commune, one should cover 9 km to the West of Horezu town, on the DN67 road, towards Târgu Jiu. Then, from the crossroad towards Stroeşti, the route is on the left side of the Cerna river for about 1 km. The church is located on the other side of Cerna, a religious landmark dedicated to the Brancovan Saints being placed near the bridge that has to be crossed over Cerna river.